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 My Grief Story

Karolyn Richards, Certified Grief Recovery Coach

After a year and half of watching my husband suffer through Cancer, chemotherapy, amputations, pain and fear, I was widowed at 46. I was lost, confused, and alone. The only person who could possibly help me get through it, was the man I was grieving…my Husband of 20 years, Gilbert. I felt like I died with him, and honestly, part of me did. But I was determined to walk through this grief, head on. I went to my Doctor, who recommended Art Journaling as a way to process my grief. Crazy right?  Well it helped. It allowed me to creatively understand myself. It gave me something fun to focus on when the silence of my home, was too loud. My art journals became the vessel where all my doubts and fears could be held safely, until I was strong enough to face them again. 

About a year and a half later, I met and loved my Chapter 2, Manny. After 11 months of amazing, he was also taken from me and I was forced to grieve a second time. I couldn’t believe that I had lost my love, my home and my security and had to go through all the stages of grief again. It didn’t seem fair. But death is a natural part of life, and we will all grieve many losses in our lifetime. 

That’s why I became a grief coach. I truly believe with the guidance of our Grief Recovery Coaching Program and just a few simple tools, you can shift your thinking from focusing on the pain of loss…to a living a life filled with gratitude for the memories, and for the time you had with your loved one.  In time, if you open your mind and heart, you CAN live a full life!

I am there now. I’m newly married to my love Dave (a widower) He gets me. He’s my safe place. I am a better partner, wife and friend because of what I learned from Gilbert and Manny in life, and in loss. So now I live a full life with friends, family, love and gratitude for every second of it.

I am the strongest Woman I know. I am a widow and a warrior and I am proud of it. Let’s get you there too. Let’s live!

In loving memory of Gilbert and Manny. Forever in my heart.